"Meeting You Where You Are"                                                                                                                Contact Us:  877-54-CHARM (24276)

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Challenge Yourself
Honor Yourself. 
Arm Yourself With Knowledge. 
Restore What Was Broken.
Motivate Others.


CHARM Outreach And Mentoring Services Is a community based A 501c3 Non Profit Organization Created With The Goal Of Transforming Lives.  We Exist To Assist Teens Build Self-Esteem; To Empower, Encourage, And Inspire Them To Passionately Pursue The Highest Purpose For Their Lives. 

We Are Committed To A Realistic Approach Purposed To Positively Influencing The Lives Of Young People.  Our  (Motto) , "Meeting You Where You Are", Simply Means That No Matter Where You Are Socially, Mentally, Or Emotionally, We Will Be There Too.  We Will Use Our Vast Experiences Along With Our Professional Partners To Knock Down Barriers And Build Character. 

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