Outreach & Mentoring Services Inc.

"Meeting You Where You Are"



"Tell Me and I Forget, Teach Me and I May Remember, Involve Me, and I Learn"

                       ~Benjamin Franklin


The program for women is designed to offer helpful information to enhance their lives; focusing on building self-esteem and self-reliance.  The adult group meets once a month for open discussions as well as structured workshops.  We will challenge each woman to fulfill her purpose; by providing enlightening workshops confronting today's most difficult challenges for women.

Our Beautiful Women...

Our meetings give us the opportunity to learn from one another and begin to bridge the gap.  During the workshops there will be guests speakers as well as professionals.  These professionals will be hands on with you while you gain the knowledge you need to grow.  Our goal is to assist every woman in their journey through life.

The Adult Group Meets In Chicago, IL

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